LeafWorks is improving natural products.

When you buy a natural product, how do you know what’s on the label is what’s inside the product?

With DNA testing, we know for sure.

LeafWorks is a genetic testing service for natural product companies searching for accurate botanical identification of raw materials in the marketplace.

With robust genetic tests and a strong social ethos, LeafWorks’ mission is to improve brand security and consumer confidence in plant-based products by providing accurate genetic verification tools that maximize safety, steward sustainability, honor herbal culture and build a better botanical world.

Customers have the right to honest labeling and a quality product.

Let the LeafWorks-Certified Stamp authenticate your material, foster peace of mind and bring customer loyalty to your brand today.

Why choose genetic testing?

Raw plant material is sourced from all over the world, and it must be verified to eliminate fraud and label inaccuracies throughout the supply chain.

But chemical testing --- the traditional method of testing --- falls short of catching this because chemical profiles can be mimicked using adulterants.

But DNA cannot be fooled. The precision and sensitivity of genetic testing to identify the true identity of raw materials makes DNA authentication the new Gold Standard.

LeafWorks is committed to providing just that.

LeafWorks’ cutting-edge genetic tests verify the true identity of your plants with confidence.