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Natural product companies source thousands of plant species from all over the world. In the United States, the FDA requires that these companies be able to verify the claims on their labels. This means that most companies keep record of what's come in the door and into their products, keep voucher specimens of the plants they source as physical proof, and do in-house or outsourced testing to ensure plant identity. As chemical testing and microscopy can be difficult to identify certain groups of species or cultivars, there is a need to add a tool to the toolbox: DNA testing. And why not make it comprehensive?

By pooling your voucher specimens together with everyone else's into one DNA database, you can help put that tool in the toolbox. Let's revolutionize the verification process by working together.

By contributing DNA from your voucher specimens, or making vouchers in order to donate, you maximize the ID potential of your own plants to suit your own company's verification needs while contributing to the greater good of label transparency and accuracy for the whole industry.

Wish there was another tool in the toolbox to verify your plant material? Feel like what’s out there isn’t accurate enough and you want to have a voice in the process? Want to contribute towards a more transparent botanical world? 

Get a Donation Kit and contribute the verified plant material in your network through our Voucher Specimen Program. 

Together, let’s make a genetic test built by the community to truly serve the community.

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