Give! Why you should get involved!

Are you a natural products company using raw plant materials in your products? If so, we invite you to get involved! Collaborate with us to make DNA ID tests the most useful they can be. By contributing samples of the plants you put into your products, you can create easily verifiable products through genetic testing.

Let’s make a DNA ID tool that better serves you by working together!

Genetic diversity in plants across the globe can be immense, and a genetic test is only as accurate as its sampling of that diversity. To ensure the best results, why not add the DNA of your plant sources directly into our DNA ID tests? By adding your plants’ genetic profile, you turn the LeafWorks ID tests into your own personalized test with maximized precision and accuracy.

It’s simple. Use our free Donation Kits to send in small tissue samples from your company’s voucher specimens.

Don’t have any vouchers? That’s ok! Our trained staff will show you how to make your own in-house voucher specimens from the plants you source.

Together we can add your plants into the LeafWorks ID tests and build the best genetic test to suit your company’s needs.

Get involved!