LeafWorks’ tests assure the integrity of your natural products

LeafWorks supplies DNA identification kits and consulting services to the global botanical supply chain, telling you exactly what you are buying, selling or growing.

Cannabis Tests and Services

LeafWorks offers DNA verification tools and services to ensure accurate labeling in the cannabis and hemp industries. These are built on certified reference material and are designed to ensure a high standard of certainty and transparency in your products.

LeafWorks Consulting Services

Want help establishing best agricultural practices for your species? Need to learn more about the biology of the plants you care about?

Value of the LeafWorks Certified Seal

Add value and integrity to your products with the LeafWorks-Certified Seal. Easily recognizable, the LeafWorks-Certified Seal will show your customers that you believe in product veracity and transparency. Conducting business-to-business transactions? Request the LeafWorks-Certified Seal to avoid shipment contamination from adulterants and allergens, or stay vigilant for bad-business partners. Whether you’re working with cannabis or any other plant, the LeafWorks-Certified Seal is here to help your business grow. Share the stories of the plants you love with the customers that love your products.

LeafWorks Certified Seal