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LeafWorks helps cultivators continue to be leaders in their industry. We provide cultivators test and services to preserve their genetic IP, improve efficiency, and evolve their grow. 

LeafWorks Gender ID Test

The LeafWorks Gender ID Test uses DNA to identify cannabis/hemp males and verifies feminized seed stock to maximize harvest potential

Determine gender within 7-10 days of seed germination.

Identify your males from regular seed. Verify your feminized seed. Test your entire lot or subsamples.

For this service, LeafWorks only accepts DNA submitted through our kits. 

LeafWorks Gender ID Test:

One test can screen 4 plants. 

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LeafWorks Supply Chain Certification

The LeafWorks Supply Chain Certification catalogs and tracks plants utilized in cannabis/hemp products, and authenticates that product label claims are correct with an easy-to-recognize seal for the consumer. 

The LeafWorks-Certification Seal is a third-party validation symbol that confirms plant identity in cannabis/hemp and herbal products. Consumers can now shop with confidence. 

LeafWorks Supply Chain Certification:

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  1. Submit cultivars to the LeafWorks Cultivar Registration Program and voucher those plants with the Canndor HerbariumStep 1
  2. Track nursery propagation Keep track of your plants at the nurseryStep 2
  3. Track your grow in the field Keep track of plants on the farmStep 3
  4. Track your plants during post-harvest processingStep 4
  5. Track product inputs Ensure the plant products you're buying are what the seller claimsStep 5
  6. Generate certificates of authenticity for 3rd party Dispensaries, Manufacturers, and Product MakersStep 6